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Homeschool Families

Arts for All!

Here, you can find out all about the opportunities that the Arts Academy has to offer.

Taking lessons, classes, or joining a choir at the Arts Academy enhances any student’s academic experience. The arts have the ability to instill self-esteem and encourage positivity in any young learner. For homeschool families, taking private or group lessons in music and dance at the Arts Academy can serve as a wonderful complement to a students homeschool curriculum. For homeschool parents who desire a high quality performing arts program for their children, the Arts Academy offers professional instruction designed to meet the specific needs of your child.

Opportunities for homeschooling families include:

  • Lessons offered during the morning, afternoon and evening
  • Instruction and classes in a variety of different areas and at all ability levels
  • A wonderful network of engaged faculty, volunteers, and fellow students with whom students can connect
  • An outlet for your child’s artistic aspirations
  • An opportunity to perform in Geneva and the surrounding communities on a regular basis
  • A welcoming and nurturing environment for all students and their families

Use of Arts Academy Offerings as Credits Toward Homeschool Curriculum

At St. Peter’s Community Arts Academy, students spend between 1-2 hours in lessons and classes every week and many are provided with at least one or two performance opportunities each month. In other words, homeschool families are welcome to take advantage of the offerings at SPCAA to help fulfill the arts and elective requirements of New York State. The following table is a breakdown of the average number of hours per studio by week, quarter and year.

Studio Hours/ Week Hours/Quarter PerformanceHours/Year Total HoursPer Year
Choir 1.25 11.25 20 74
Piano and Strings 45 min 12 4 52
Dance 1.25 11.25 4 49


The Benefits of Instruction in the Performing Arts

St. Peter’s Community Arts Academy seeks to help develop the whole child through music and dance education, lessons and classes. Several studies have exhibited and proven the positive affects that music, playing music and dance have on the human brain. Below, please find links to websites that demonstrate these benefits and offer scientific explanations for how music can help to positively shape and improve a child’s cognitive and academic development.

For detailed information regarding the Arts Academy’s offerings, please see the Program Guide. To learn more about SPCAA’s mission, faculty, and other aspects, please explore the rest of the website or call us at 315.789.0106.