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Piano and Guitar Studios

Arts for All!

The PIANO Studio provides lessons for students of all ages and abilities with the goal of developing a high level of musicianship through the traditional approach of note reading combined with an emphasis on music theory and performance. Students attend a private lesson and 45 minute group class weekly. Recitals are held several times a year and all students are encouraged to participate. Troy Slocum and Joyce Stanzel are the piano instructors for the Academy.

The GUITAR Studio with Ben Ellis, new in 2017, provides acoustic guitar lessons for students of all ages and abilities. Classes are taught with traditional methods and contemporary styles, depending on the wishes of the student. Ben teaches at the Arts Academy on Monday and Thursday, afternoons and evenings, including a group lesson to accompany the private lesson. The cost and duration of the guitar lessons follow the options of the Piano Studio. Ben looks forward to developing a studio at SPCAA with students interested in guitar ensembles and myriad performance opportunities, including recitals with the Suzuki Strings Studio.

Ben Ellis, guitar instructor at St. Peter's Community Arts Academy