The Ballet School

The Ballet Studio prides itself on providing high quality classical ballet and dance training for students of all ages and abilities.  The structure of each class is both challenging and encouraging, with emphasis placed on developing proper dance technique and etiquette.  Performance opportunities are offered throughout the year for advanced level dance students.  The end-of-year dance recital in June provides a performance opportunity for students of every level to share what they have leaned over the course of the year.

Students should expect to remain in a level for more than one year.  Please contact the instructor with class placement inquiries.  New students need the instructor’s permission to join a class after the second billing quarter.  The Ballet Studio adheres to SPCAA’s 36 week academic year (September – June).  For your convenience, tuition can be billed quarterly or yearly.

*Enrollment in a second dance class is recommended.  Like sports, progressing to an advanced level in dance training requires more than one day of guided practice each week. 

Interested students should contact Ms. Alaina with questions about class placement.

  • 2020 Summer Session
  • 4th Quarter 2020
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