New Managing Director Announcement

A note from Sue Adams 
18 years ago when the Arts Academy was founded I offered to add the administration to my church hours.  Most know that as the Academy grew, the need for full-time administration grew significantly.  We added two part-time positions to help alleviate some of this work, but the need was still there.

Even though the weight of the extra position has been heavy, I have absolutely loved building the Academy and getting to work with the impressive Arts Academy staff as well as creating a nurturing environment for our students and families.

I was extremely happy when St. Peter’s Vestry approved moving forward and creating a paid full time Managing Director position for the Arts Academy.  A small Personnel Committee conducted a local search and received approximately ten applications. The end result actually brought them to someone who knows the Arts Academy, has personally witnessed the benefits of the Arts Academy and is eager to be part of its future. That person is Kirsten Burrall.

Kirsten will formally start at the end of August, but will begin gleaning information throughout the summer.  We could not be more excited for St. Peter’s Community Arts Academy’s future. Welcome, Kirsten!

Get to Know Kirsten Burrall
Kirsten is a passionate, professional arts enthusiast with a strong dedication to the mission of “Arts for All!” She brings her expertise in program management and a genuine desire to foster creativity and personal growth through the arts.

Kirsten holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History and Studio Art from Hartwick College and a Master of Arts degree in Art History from Syracuse University. Her comprehensive understanding of the arts fuels her commitment to support and advocate for arts programming that is accessible to everyone.

With her experience in program management, Kirsten excels at assessing organizational needs and finding effective solutions. She wants to support the faculty and vibrant arts programming and help foster their success.

Kirsten is thrilled to join the team and contribute to the mission of providing high-quality arts education and enriching lives. She believes in nurturing an inclusive environment where people of all ages and backgrounds can thrive.

For inquiries or collaborations, reach out to Kirsten at . She looks forward to connecting with fellow art enthusiasts and community members who share her enthusiasm for making “Arts for All!” a reality.

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