Registration Information

Our academic year starts in early September after Labor Day and ends in June for 36 weeks. For bookkeeping, we divide the academic year into four nine-week quarters:

1st quarter:      SEPT 6 – NOV 7, 2023
2nd quarter:     NOV 8 – JAN 27, 2024
3rd quarter:      JAN 29 – APRIL 13, 2024
4th quarter:      APRIL 15 – JUNE 17, 2024


Rolling Registration

SPCAA follows a rolling admissions policy: registration is welcomed at any time throughout the academic year. If a student begins after the first day of the quarter, after contact with the music or dance faculty member who will be offering the lessons, the tuition fee will be prorated.

Contact Us

Contacting the appropriate music or dance faculty is essential before registration; she or he will discuss details of the new registration and answer any questions. If a student starts in the middle of a quarter or near the end of the year, the late start may (or may not) affect a student’s opportunity to perform in a public recital.

Enrollment for Music/Dance Lessons

From the Program & Lessons, see the list of offerings; select the department; select “More” to know more; and select the classes you want.

On Paper: In the Program Guide, a paper copy of the registration form can be printed and submitted to SPCAA in person at 149 Genesee Street in Geneva (please call 315-789-0106 for an appointment), or mail with a $50.00 annual registration fee (per family) to: St. Peter’s Community Arts Academy, P.O. Box 266, Geneva, NY 14456.

Tuition Payment with Annual $50.00 Registration Fee (Per Family)

Tuition is due quarterly at the beginning of each quarter; payment can be made via credit card or check in coordination with Kim Wagner, SPCAA Bookkeeper. All requests for refunds/credits must be made in writing. Registration fees are not refundable. Tuition can be 100% refunded before the first lesson and 50% before the 3rd lesson. After the 3rd lesson, tuition is not refundable.


The SPCAA Mission of “Arts for All!” makes financial aid available at the beginning of each year for all the students who qualify for assistance (based on tax documentation due at the time of application). Go to the SCHOLARSHIP tab by September 17 to complete a Scholarship application.  For Scholarship inquiries after the first quarter, call or email Kirsten Burrall at 315-789-0106, or .