GENEVA – The rectory next to St. Peter’s Church is in the process of becoming the dedicated home to the St. Peter’s Community Arts Academy (SPCAA). Demolition is complete and the building is currently undergoing the installation of new wiring, insulation, modern restrooms, six soundproof studios plus new doors with windows and a new stairway to comply with today’s safety regulations. There will be a new waiting area and a new entrance.


Troy Slocum has been a vital force in the development of the St. Peter’s Community Arts Academy Piano Studio. To honor his dedication and talent in spearheading and growing the piano studio from its inception and his care and attention to each and every student, the new piano studio is being dedicated to Troy. The move will bring the current studio out of the basement of the church and will feature bay windows, allowing natural light to stream in. 


New Keyboard Lab

Our plan is to raise $20,000 to relocate the keyboard lab to its new space directly above Troy’s new studio. Those interested can contribute by purchasing a piano key and having their name and/or a message inscribed on it.


Each key represents a donation of $250. However, donations of any amount can be made and the Academy’s Dean of Faculty, MaryAnn Hamilton, will group smaller donations onto one key. We have raised $17,000 so far (of the $20,000).


Throughout my years of study with Troy at the St. Peter’s Community Arts Academy, he had not only provided me a solid foundation but had also been invested in my personal growth. He had cultivated in me a sense of self-confidence and a greater love of music that I carry within 



me today in my own performing and teaching. Having had the opportunity to study with Troy has been one of my greatest fortunes, and his many contributions to the academy and to the community deserves special recognition.

—Changhee Lee, D. Mus. McGill University


Make checks payable to:

St. Peter’s Community Arts Academy

This is a tax-deductible charitable contribution. SPCAA is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt entity. You can also make your donation at:


For more information and media opportunities, contact Chris Fanning at  


St. Peter’s Community Arts Academy St. Peter’s Community Arts Academy believes arts are central to personal growth and contributes favorably to an individual’s general health and wellbeing, both physical and emotional. The Academy provides high quality instruction in music and dance to students of all ages and levels of skill regardless of financial means, race, gender, religion or ethnic origin. Our mission “Arts For All” is to create a rich cultural environment accessible to all through classes, workshops, and performances. For donations or more information, check


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