St Peter’s Community Arts Academy’s mission is to provide high-quality “Arts for All.” Thanks to the generosity of the Wyckoff Family Foundation, the Episcopal Diocese of Rochester, and other private donors, the Arts Academy can provide financial aid scholarships to many needy students. The scholarship cycle happens at the beginning of the academic year (in September). Requests are reviewed and processed, and financial aid awards are based on the applicant’s financial need.  If students start mid-year or quarter, scholarship requests are considered case-by-case, as most scholarship funds have been distributed.

Please note that you must register for the appropriate class when filling out the scholarship application.  When registering for classes, please use the coupon code Aid23, and only the annual family registration fee will be due at check out.

Families are asked to apply as soon as possible and to include supporting documentation. Supporting tax documentation must be emailed, mailed to, or dropped off at the Academy office within one week of the application submission.  Please see the application below for details.

One application is required per family.  Please click “+” next to the student name fields to add additional students to this family application.

Families are strongly encouraged to apply 

  • Student's First NameStudent's Last NameInstrument/Ensemble 
  • It is important that any additional information that might affect the decision of the Academy to grant aid be detailed as part of the application. Such information might include usual medical expenses or expenses for education. Please document such expenses.
  • Additional Action is Required: In addition to completing this form, families are also asked to submit proof of income. Please submit a copy of your federal tax return Form 1040 (Pages 1 and 2) or Form 1040 (Pages 1) or federal income statement. Documentation for both parents or guardians is preferred and should be submitted within 7 business days. Applications without supporting documentation may not considered.